Our History

Though the Grace Gospel Fellowship officially began in 1944, its roots go back decades earlier as a growing number of pastors and Bible teachers across the country were coming to an understanding of God’s unique program for the church, the Body of Christ. Together they shared a commitment to teach the entire Word of God from a dispensational perspective with an emphasis upon the unique revelation of the Body of Christ received by the Apostle Paul.

A desire for increased fellowship and cooperative efforts among those who shared a core doctrinal commitment led by Pastor Herman Reich of Evansville, IN, to host a conference for pastors in September of 1944. This marked the birth of the Grace Gospel Fellowship, founded “to provide a fellowship among those who believe the truths contained in the doctrinal statement, and to promote the gospel of the grace of God throughout this land and throughout the world.” Among the many pastors instrumental in the founding of the GGF were J.C. O’Hair, Charles F. Baker, Cornelius R. Stam and Harry Bultema.

The GGF served predominantly as an association for pastors until the early 1970’s when, through a constitutional revision, a National Council composed of pastors and laity was formed to serve as the governing body. Chuck O’Conner was chosen to serve as the first full-time president of the GGF in 1971. These changes have allowed the GGF to minister and expand its ministry to the local church and its lay leadership, while continuing to provide pastoral care and guidance.

Though GGF is not a denomination, our churches and pastors recognize the importance of partnering with one another as members of the Body of Christ. In a spirit of interdependence, we seek to work in harmony as churches and individuals on a national level, within our geographical regions and locally. We also have an international outreach through our affiliated mission agencies.

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