A unifying support system

for pastors and boards

of Grace churches

Healthy Pastors

The role of pastor is a sacred and weighty calling. Our goal is to support pastors; equipping them to serve and lead with confidence, knowing that they are cared for by their board, congregation, and the Grace Gospel Fellowship.

Healthy Boards

Board members bear many responsibilities in life as they also serve their church communities. GGF provides support and guidance to board members, knowing that a healthy board is an incredibly integral part of a healthy church.

Healthy Churches

In a healthy church, lives are changed, communities are served, marriages strengthened, life-on-life ministry takes place, and people grow closer to Jesus Christ. It takes a healthy pastor and healthy board to grow a healthy church in these ways.

No one should have to navigate church leadership alone

As churches and church leadership labor day-in and day-out, to be the hands and feet of Christ, they should not feel alone. Too often, pastors feel isolated and burnt out. Boards feel ill-equipped to do the important work before them. Churches feel like they lack resources and aren’t sure where to go for advice in ministry. The Grace Gospel Fellowship is here to equip and support pastors, boards, and churches by providing a support system that protects and advances the collective of Grace churches in the U.S.

reFRESH Pastors Conference


The 2022 reFresh Conference saw widespread participation from pastors and key stakeholders of the GGF from around the country. We are so grateful for those who were able to invest in this formative time together and we look forward to seeing continued growth at our 2023 reFresh Conference.


The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts;

and though all its parts are many, they form one body.

So it is with Christ.

1 Corinthians 12:12

Healthy Pastors

Cultivating an intentional community of pastors

We bring pastors together. The Grace Gospel Fellowship facilitates a pastoral care continuum that identifies present and future pastors, nurtures and mentors them throughout their pastorate, and ensures that they finish well their vocational ministry years as well as impart their experience and wisdom to a generation of pastors that follow.

Healthy Boards

Providing tools to foster healthy church boards– efficient, effective, and missionally focused on God’s unique call for each local church.

We are here to equip board members and churches for the long haul. We do this through print and digital resources, training through conferences and curriculum, and more.

Healthy Churches

Providing a home that protects and advances Grace churches in the U.S.

The Grace Gospel Fellowship provides a community for churches who are committed to advancing the Gospel.

Ways to Participate

Read our Newsletters

Sign-up and be encouraged while reading about other churches, pastors and lay leaders around the U.S. 

Engage with our resources and attend our events

Engage with our digital and print resources, pastors conferences, Theological Summits, and our online community of pastors.

Be Generous

Invest your time and gifts in support of our calling — advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ through Grace-distinctive theology

Resources for Pastors, Boards and Churches

Leaders Network

Engage in the conversation, ask questions to other leaders within the GGF.

Coming Next Spring

Thriving Podcast

Thriving: A Church Board Leadership Podcast. Listen as Bryan Walker provides principles for how to develop your Board.

Doctrinal Statement

Learn more about what draws this fellowship together.


Listen to sermons from other pastors and even our founders.

Board Development

Learn how to develop your board with the Recipe for a Healthy Church Board by Brotherhood Mutual and the Deacon’s Bench.

Journal of Grace Theology

The Journal of Grace Theology is a curated collection of theological reflections that illuminate a fullness of grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastoral Calling Podcast

Find resources to help develop skills as a leader within your organization by listening to this podcast from Pastor Jim Shemaria and Dr. Matt Loverin.

Church Health Resources

Distribute these resources to your members to grow in their faith

How to Become a Praying Church in 12 Months

Church Resource

How has GGF helped churches around the U.S.?

Read true stories of the GGF impact in these churches.

Pastor Joe Johnson - Parkside Bible Church, Holland MI

“The Grace Gospel Fellowship is deeply committed to Pastors. In the letter to the Phillipians, Paul puts his full support behind Timothy, who is “genuinely concerned for your well being.” I give that same recommendation of Bryan Walker and his team. They’ll do whatever it takes to support you in ministry and keep you whole.”

Pastor Kaleb Kemper - Eastport Bible Church, Eastport NY

The GGF has worked alongside me during my college days, in my placement into a Grace church, and through the challenges and joys of pastoral ministry over the years. The Leadership Conferences have encouraged and challenged me, both on a personal and leadership level, and reminded me that I am part of a movement. I am grateful for the network of churches and leaders I can reach out to for advice, best practices, and diverse ministry models to adapt for our unique church context. At times I feel like I am working alone, but the GGF reminds me that there are many others facing these challenges with faithful service to a worthy cause of eternal significance.”

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Episode 4: Strategy and Church

Church planning. Strategic planning. Can they go together? Interestingly, strategic planning doesn’t get a lot of air time in the context of leadership discussions in church board rooms. In this episode, we’ll explore why that might be and discuss how strategic...

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