Healthy Pastors

Pastoral health includes a variety of aspects of life: spiritual, relational, vocational, physical, and mental well-being.

The sacred calling of being a pastor can be a fulfilling and rewarding vocational path. At the same time the pastoral calling can and will, at times, bring a heavy burden—loneliness, isolation, spiritual warfare—as well as the many risks and cautions that come with leadership.

What does a “healthy pastor” look like? They serve and lead with confidence, knowing that their board and congregation support the work they’re doing. They have a thriving relationship with God, their family, and their church community. They are spiritually accountable to and for people in their life and throughout their journey. Our goal is that all of our pastors are being served and cared for by their boards, and congregations, and intentionally resourced by the Grace Gospel Fellowship.

Resources for Pastors

We continue to gather and create resources that can encourage health and wellness in our pastors. Currently, those resources include:

GGF Pastors Network

COMING SOON! Engage in the conversation, ask questions to other leaders within the GGF.


Listen to sermons from other pastors and even our founders.

Pastor's Conference

Check out dates for our next conferences and find past conference recordings.
Past Family Bible Conference Recordings:

The Pastoral Calling Podcast

Every few weeks, Mat Loverin and Jim Shemaria strike up a conversation about life and leadership in the local church.

JC O’Hair Archives

We are grateful for the Berean Bible Society. Their work on archiving this treasure trove of messages from a pillar of the Grace movement and their willingness to share this widely is greatly appreciated.

Practical Theology

COMING SOON! A podcast hosted by Caleb Befus featuring interviews pastors who share in their experiences as they navigate the Licensing and Ordination process of the Grace Gospel fellowship.

Grace Theology Resources

A compilation of video training from Craig McDonald about Questions in Dispensationalism.


Carrying the burdens of those you shepherd while leading a congregation spiritually, administratively, and financially can be overwhelming. Check out these resources on sabbaticals.

The Church Marketing Team

You are The Church, the Body of Christ. The Church should be represented with excellence. Knowing, communicating and visually representing who you are is important. We can help.

Theological Insights from Dr. Phil Long

This resource provides access to book reviews and theological insight from Dr. Phil Long (Professor of Bible and Ministry, Grace Christian University).