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Ken Parker, Director


Email: ken@churchmissionslink.org

Grace Martial Arts

Robert Xavier, Pastor


St. Louis Theological Seminary

Antonio Sistelos, PhD - President


Grace Gospel Publishers


2 thoughts on “Other Grace Organizations

  1. Marvin Carl Powers says:

    Dear ggfusa.org, My name is Marvin Carl Powers and I am a 2014 graduate of St. Louis Theological Seminary with a Masters of Biblical Studies. Since that time I have been conducting Bibles Studies in our home in Rogersville Tennessee. We meet every Sunday at noon for an hour. Our home address is 168 Forest Hills Road, Rogersville, Tennessee, 37857. Our telephone number is 423-272-1605. My e-mail is mpowers779@aol.com.
    We do not have a website although I post several devotions a week on my Facebook page. I was told by a friend about your website and that your organization may be able to get the word out about our home Bible study so that any grace believer looking for an assembly of Christians who “rightly divide the word of truth,” might find us. Grace and Peace, Marvin
    P.S. Before leading a home Bible study I was an Anesthetist for 33 years, an RN for 3, and a Social worker for 9. My anesthesia training was from U.TN and Erlanger Hospital, RN training was also there, I also graduated from Covenant College with majors in Psychology, Philosophy, and the Bible.

    1. Grace Gospel Fellowship says:

      Hello Marvin,
      I could post something on our Facebook about anyone interested in a Bible study near Rogersville, TN. If they reply, I could pass on their info for you to connect with if they are willing. Would that work? I am sorry that we have limited listings in our “directory” here.

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