But Without a Great Wife…

“An excellent wife, who can find?  Her husband is known in the gates, when he sits among the elders of the land.” – Proverbs 31:10, 23

LesWifeLinda has been my wife of 48 years.  What a blessing she has been to me and over 40 years of pastoral ministry.  We just passed our 26th year of service to our Lord and to Grace Bible Church of West Allis on October 1.  We have enjoyed our years of service to the people of this congregation with many tears, hours of labor, and joy of our people.  They gifted us last year with the finances to go to Wyoming and South Dakota and we took that opportunity to do so in September of this year.

Ministry is a challenge in and of itself, but without a great wife, it would be many times more difficult to accomplish all that is necessary for the Lord.  Linda has been that wonderful helpmate fit for being a pastor’s wife.  She loves the people and enjoys being a part of their lives.  A couple of weeks ago she spoke to a Spanish-speaking woman who spoke little English and had difficulty with her vehicle.  She aided the woman by giving her a ride home, inviting her out to church, and giving her a gospel tract.  She came to church that next Sunday.

Linda is a woman of hospitality.  She is a great cook, baker, and cares for the house.  When we have people to our home, she makes them feel at home and is willing to serve them for their entire stay.  Linda really makes me look good in many ways.  God has given me gifts, but behind every man who is serving the Lord should be a woman who makes her husband look good.

The trip out west was really amazing.  It has been a lifelong dream and we had the opportunity to drive and see God’s amazing creation and get some much needed rest.  Pastor Randy took over the helm of the church and did well with Linda and Sandie who are seasoned in the office.  It is great to serve and to give oneself to service, but it is so critical to get some necessary rest and relaxation, especially in God’s world of His creation.  We thank God for ministry, but we thank God for this special vacation.

Pray for our church as God brings in new visitors, as we strive to evangelize the lost, and edify the saints.  We have a very special niche in this big world and God has called us to be faithful to HIM at all times.  We want to finish well and to glorify Jesus Christ our wonderful Savior!!!