Rush Creek Bible Church, Byron Center, MI

RCBC worshipOver the last four years Rush Creek Bible Church has developed an after school program called Drop Zone.  This program averages about 120-140 middle school kids weekly, with a support staff of 26 that strive to match the written mission of the church with action:  ‘Engaging people in Authentic Relationships, through Genuine Community, by reflecting Jesus Christ.’

drop zone skitLast year, Middle School Director Terrah Quesada moved the regular youth group meeting times to after the Drop Zone program.  That becomes a most unique incubator for evangelism.  This gives the youth of the church an incredible setting for evangelism, especially for those who don’t feel knowledgeable enough but still want to evangelize.  As a result, over the last month, we’ve seen 6 youth accept Jesus and become Christ followers, led by their own peers from the church youth group.  “I didn’t wake up that morning thinking I was going to lead someone to the Lord, but it just happened,” said one of those who shared the gospel.  “When it came time I just asked her if she wanted to accept Jesus into her heart.  When she said yes, it was the greatest feeling ever.”

Drop Zone






We ask for your prayers for these young evangelists.

Pastor John Spooner