Many Hats – Always a Child of God

“How great is the love the Father has lavished upon us, that we should be called the children of God! And that is what we are!”

Recently I was asked to speak in Chapel to the students of the Christian School where my daughter teaches 3rd grade.  I walked to the front of the chapel service carrying a 5 gallon pail, and a small ladder.  I immediately had the attention of the group where I shared a message that has so resonated with me that I have been sharing it with many adults, especially men.

I reached into the bucket and pulled out a painter’s hat and a paint roller and stepped onto the ladder and asked the students what I was doing.  Their answer was the obvious, I was painting.  I then took the small ladder and turned it around and reached into the bucket and pulled out my Bible and placed the Bible on the short ladder which now became my pulpit.  Once again I asked them what I was doing and they answered, “You are preaching.”  I then reached into my bucket one more time and pulled out my Police Chaplain hat and placed it upon my head asking them again what I was doing.  They responded correctly that I was helping the Police officers.

I then went on to explain that I am a Child of God, loved by God, who paints houses, preaches God’s Word and helps the Police Department as a Chaplain.  The reality is that I also wear the hat of a husband, a father and grandfather as well as many other hats.  So often we want to identify ourselves by what we do.  But I believe God wants us to see ourselves first and foremost as His loved children who are called to various areas’ of service, the wearing of different hat.

Some years ago I was painting a kitchen for a family.  Several of the adult family members were there and recognized my last name remembering that both my Dad and brother were well know Doctors of Chiropractic in our community.  They looked at me with the paint brush in my hand and asked “what happened to you?” I immediately responded by telling them that I was more than a painter, I was also starting a new Church.  While all this was true, deep down inside I knew something was not right in my heart.  I was looking to what I did as my identify, rather than who God made me to be, His child.

I am learning (have not yet fully learned) to see myself as God’s child wearing the many hats He has given me the privilege to wear.  I am finding a freedom to enjoy serving God in whatever capacity He has called me to serve in.

Submitted byJeff Schimp who God allows to wear the hat of pastor of Glacier Hills Bible Church, the hat of a painter, a chaplain, a husband, father, and grandfather and quite a few more.