Grace Extended

After much prayer, consideration, and resounding support of GGF leadership, we welcome Bryan Walker into the role of President of the Grace Gospel Fellowship! 

Bryan shares with us:
Through an organizational audit in early-2021 from an external source, the GGF National Council determined that a significant change was needed in the organization to address these challenges of today and the future. In faith, the decision was made to reorganize and prepare for an increase of services for our pastors, boards, churches, and affiliated organizations. I considered myself both blessed and called to be considered for this role as president of the GGF, and on July 27 I prayerfully accepted the position. 

This new season of the GGF reflects several notable realities. First, it represents an emerging vision of Bryan for the future of the GGF. Secondly, it reflects the humility and abiding passion of Matt Amundsen to accelerate a vision for the future. Finally, it speaks to the worthiness of the mission of the GGF. The need for God’s message of grace to speak into our modern and hurting culture is vividly clear. Bryan and Matt (serving as Vice President) are excited about the future and are fully aware that the GGF is the collective strength of our churches—rooted and grounded in God’s design and purpose. 

Matt reflects on the foundation that has been laid:
“When I look back, I am in awe of how the Lord used the faithfulness of men who came before me. Having this modeled for me, I was encouraged to continue in the pursuit of building relationships while developing a greater partnership effort across the fellowship and I believe we have made great strides forward. Now I look ahead and what we envision excites me. Under the leadership of Bryan Walker and working in tandem with him, no doubt we will see exponential impact that reaches into the lives of our pastors, leaders, and churches.” 

Bryan, who has been active and vibrant within our network of churches and sister organizations throughout his lifetime, reflects: 
The work ahead of us all is vitally important. While our communities continue to steer towards a desperately lost, secular and an,-God-of-the-Bible culture, our churches will need to continue to grow in their abilities to be that “light on a hill” that shares the irresistible message of God’s love, grace, and mercy. As we look forward as an organization, I believe we will need to acknowledge the old adage that says, ‘What got us here won’t get us there’. With a renewed focus on healthy pastors and healthy boards who, in turn, foster healthy congregations, we have exciting work ahead of us. 

God has given us the profound privilege of carrying his message to a lost and dying world. He could have accomplished his purposes in any other way, yet he chose us. The task is not easy, yet extending God’s grace because of who He is, is why we do what we do—together.