Georgetown Grace Church – Hudsonville, MI

The work of our Heavenly Father in the lives of his people is evident in the ministry of Georgetown Grace Church in Hudsonville, Michigan. At first glance, Georgetown is not that different from the “average” Grace Church. But, when we really stop to think of it, can any church be called “average.” First, each and every true, regenerate believer is part of the Body of Christ—the universal truth. And there is nothing average about that extraordinary truth. Second, each organized body of believers is made up of uniquely crafted masterpieces of God. And, with that, we can be confident that each church is unique.

Here is how God is at work in the ministry Georgetown Grace Church:

This year has been challenging with the transition from Pastor Bob Davis’s ministry to the pulpit filling ministry of many wonderful men of God. We have had the opportunity to hear from men from Grace Bible College such as Gary Spykerman (Professor) and Adam Renberg (Student). It is wonderful to see how God is raising up the next generation of Grace Pastors through the mentorship of some of our most gifted ministers! We have also been very blessed to have Pastor Jared Kusz walk us through the Letter to the Ephesians on two or three Sundays each month and minister as needed alongside his beautiful fiancé, Alise, and daughter, Audrina. In addition to the preaching ministry of these many men, we have enjoyed fellowship time together as we gather in the name of Lord to discuss how he is working in our lives; both through daily challenges and moments of rejoicing. This time has been a great way to get to know each other on a deeper level and welcome in fellowship new couples and guest preachers. God is working through the preaching of his Word and the gathering of his people. We are blessed to serve a God who is relational and celebrates relationships. We pray that you find these to be evident in your life as you seek to serve and worship your Heavenly Father.

Grace and Peace,

Georgetown Grace Church