Friendship Congregational Bible Church, Friendship, WI

Friendship Congregational Bible Church has been serving the Adams-Friendship community since 1867.  Since the 1960’s, FCBC has been a Bible church standing for the historic fundamentals of the Christian faith, the gospel of the grace of God, & Mid-Acts Dispensational Theology.  Prior to that time, FCBC was somewhat of a mainline denominational church.  The story goes that the Lord brought in a pastor who was serious about preaching the gospel and teaching the Bible from a dispensational perspective.  Supposedly half the people left the church and everybody else stayed because they got saved!

FCBC buildingWe are thankful to be a part of a network of independently governed Bible churches and Christian organizations that are committed to a spirit of interdependent cooperation in ministry.  God’s beautiful design for the Body of Christ is awesome.

Our Ministry is founded upon the holy character, tri-une nature, and sovereign authority of Almighty God.  Our purpose is to GLORIFY God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, our goal is to WORSHIP God through a life of faithful dependence on Jesus Christ, and our mission is to PREACH the Word of God through faithful exposition, personal discipleship, intentional outreach, & missions partnership.

Our Philosophy of Ministry is shaped by the following 7 Core Values…

  1. Sufficiency of Scripture: God’s Word is the authority for what to believe, how to live, and what kinds of methods are prescribed byA comprehensive Biblical worldview recognizes that there is no direction that we can travel in which God has not spoken (II Tim.3:16,17).
  2. Gospel Centrality: The cross of Christ is central to God’s purpose of redeeming sinners & sanctifying a people to Himself.  Christ’s finished work and the reality of His resurrection is the power driving fruitful ministry to the praise of His glory (I Cor.1:18; Col.1:28-29).
  3. Marriage Faithfulness: The family unit is founded upon the covenant relationship of marriage between a man and a woman who make a life-long pledge to one another (Matt.19:4-6; Eph.5:22-33).
  4. Parental Responsibility: Scripture teaches that parents are responsible (and fathers in particular) for raising their children to love God.  The goal of parenting is moral and spiritual (Eph.6:4; Pr.1:7).
  5. Family Discipleship: Relational connections at the heart level are key to the growth, development, and learning that transpires through life (Deut.6:4-9).
  6. Generational Vision: Every generation should be raised with a vision toward passing on the truth to their progeny.  A Godly legacy of multigenerational faithfulness to Christ is at the heart of God’s purpose for the Church & home (Ps.78:1-8).
  7. Church & Home Unity: God’s divinely ordained institutions of family, church, and state each have their own jurisdictional roles and responsibilities.  We diligently cultivate an environment that is conducive to Biblical family life and seek to equip families to do the work of ministry beginning in the home (Eph.4:12).

As Bible-believing Christians, saved by the grace of God through faith alone in Jesus Christ, our passion is to glorify & worship God and to engage culture with the salt and light of gospel truth.

We desire to see future generations know what they believe, know why they believe it, and also know how to defend the Christian faith against the skeptical questions of the day in the context of a secular culture that is increasingly hostile to the exclusive truth claims of Biblical Christianity.

The spiritual health of the church and its impact on the world directly corresponds to the health and vitality of its components, families.  We desire maximum impact and therefore endeavor to be intentional in equipping families with the tools, wisdom, and vision necessary to evangelize and disciple the next generation in and through the home.

FCBC paradeWe pray God would use us as a   blessing & encouragement as well as a catalyst toward reformation & revival in this era of history so that future generations would glorify & worship God and gain hope as they endeavor to stand for the truth.

Pray for upcoming outreaches including the National Day of Prayer next Thursday on the old Adams County Courthouse steps; C.H.E.A.F. “Showcase” (Christian Home Educators of Adams-Friendship); Adams County Flea Market during the summer months; “Courageous” movie showing at the historic Adams Community Theatre on Father’s Day weekend; an exciting patriotic gospel tract distribution wearing colonial garb for the Independence Day parade in July; and a proactive evangelistic endeavor to reach not only children but whole families through a “Good News Club” sponsored by Child Evangelism Fellowship at the Adams-Friendship Elementary School in the fall.  May we be found faithful to preach the Word and trust God for the results of bearing fruit in His time and for His glory!

Friendship Congregational Bible Church
Pastor Timothy Board