Leadership Conference 2019

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  1. Craig Apel says:

    Purely my own opinions…

    * Overall this was a good, worthwhile event.
    * More time is needed for discussion of issues, especially the controversial ones.
    * This event needs to be focused upon airing and discussing things in which we have differences of belief/opinion. We need to learn how to hear and interact gracefully with those with whom we disagree. I do think that attitude was for the most part evident at the Summit.
    * The subjects taken up at the Summit should only be subjects over which there is disagreement. The third subject concerning Pastoral Ministry was well done, but was something more suitable for a Leadership Conference.
    * More effort and care in inviting and encouraging attendees who are leaders in the Grace Movement. I found myself perplexed as to why certain people were invited to attend while I knew of others who were not.

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