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"No one appreciates this chronological Bible reading plan more than I do. I have often said, and continue to intentionally repeat myself, after reading the Bible through some eight or more times that if I had the chance, I would have begun this Bible reading plan from the time I was saved in the summer of 1953. Nothing has been half so helpful as this annual trek through the Bible plan! It has the feature of making me more of a true Berean with each reading. Bible Reading Plan is an important part of the Christian walk." Also, we know the importance of praying for our pastors and ministries. Below you may find the current GGF Prayer Calendar.

Chronological Bible Reading Plan

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New Testament Reading Plan

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Printable Foundational Fifty Memory Cards

KJV Translation

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NASB Translation

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NIV Translation

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NKJV Translation

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Foundational Fifty (page)



Cincuenta Citas Centrales

Nueva Versión Internacional

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Reina Valera 1995

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Reflect what you've learned.


GGF Prayer Calendar & Schutz Recordings

June 2021 GGF Prayer Calendar

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Pastor Vernon Schutz Recordings

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