Ministerial Credentialing in the Grace Gospel Fellowship

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Here are the important dates for each phase of the credentialing processes:


Oral exams – Before the
Spring Leadership Conference

July 15

Licensing – written papers

October 15

Licensing written exam and Ordination written papers

— I. —

Purpose of Ministerial Credentials

The purposes of a ministerial credential are:

  1. To recognize God’s call upon a person’s life.
  2. To verify that this person meets the qualifications and standards for ministry in the Grace Gospel Fellowship (hereinafter referred to as GGF).
  3. To provide legal status in the exercise of that person’s ministry.
— II. —

The Concept and Scope of Ministry in Scripture

Scripture clearly teaches that each believer has been given a “gift” or “grace” in order to serve our Lord and His Church (Ephesians 4:7). In addition, however, some believers have received the call of God upon their lives for vocational ministry and have been given ministry gifts for the task of preparing God’s people to carry out the works of service, which build up the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:11-12). The GGF desires to recognize some of these servants by the symbolic or literal act of the laying on of hands (Acts 13:3; 1 Timothy 4:14; 2 Timothy 1:6). Those who desire a ministry within the international scope of the GGF should seek credentials from the GGF. The GGF examination will be administered by GGF ordained men.

— III. —

Procedure in Applying for Ministerial Credentials

The candidate should secure the appropriate application from the GGF office. Applications must be completed by the dates specified in the accompanying letter from the GGF Executive Director. Any exception to our standard licensing and ordination procedures will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

— IV. —

Definitions and Levels of Credentials


Commissioning is a temporary credential until the licensing process can be completed. It can also show recognition of one’s call to a specific non-pastoral or non- missionary ministry, ending when that ministry is terminated.


Licensing is the preliminary step to ordination. A license is a temporary credential issued for a period of four years to those desiring to enter the ministry and who have never been ordained.


Ordination is a lifetime credential entitling a man to perform all the duties of the ministry
before the law and in the church. To learn more about the paths GGF recognizes click here.

In trust

This means that each credential is the property of the Grace Gospel Fellowship and is given to the candidate “in trust” as long as he meets the requirements of certification of the GGF.

Ordination Paths

Standard GGF Ordination

The normal sequel to the process of licensing after an individual has entered ministry.

Recognition of Ordination

The recognition of someone previously ordained by a GGF affiliated institution, church, or ministry.

Transfer of ordination

The recognition of someone previously ordained by a non- GGF institution, church or ministry.

Second-career credentialing

The process of licensing and ordination of a man who has demonstrated his thorough involvement in the work of the Lord. He will be expected to go through the standard GGF licensing and ordination process.

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