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  1. Edward Ryder says:

    Just wanted to reach out as a Grace believer here in Philadelphia. There is only about5 or 6 Grace believers in the whole city and no Grace churches(building) anywhere. I,’ve stood on Pauline ground for 21 years here and have never been to a Grace Church or heard a Grace Pastor deliver a Grace sermon
    So, I am reaching out for fellowship and advise as I try to establish a Grace assembly here God Willing

    1. Grace Gospel Fellowship says:

      Hello Edward,
      What you are saying isn’t uncommon. With a few exceptions, most of the Mid-Acts grace teaching churches are spread far apart across the country. In PA we have churches in Altoona, Bedford, Duncansville and Lehighton. I know there are other “grace” churches around, but I don’t have any info on them at this time.

  2. Mary Blom says:

    Dear Dale and Dawn,
    Long ago and far away in Illinois, we met and had good times together. Do you remember Mary Kubetz? Dawn, your dad was a significant part of my deciding to study art, and while doing so, I met my future husband, Nils Blom, from Switzerland. At our wedding, our little ring- bearer was Joel Christie, and it is because of him that I now write to you. Joel has recently moved to the Grand Rapids area with his artist wife and two children. Joel is working for the state in a counseling capacity and has a lot of very hard life stories to deal with every day. Because they are new in the area, I was hoping to connect you all. Joel originally studied writing, and Anni is a ceramic artist. Maybe it would be that your children would be of a better age, but I thought I would ask you first. I am so thrilled to find that you are following the Lord and hope this note finds you well in every way.
    With love in the Lord,

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