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“Working Together
to Advance the Grace of God
and Impact the World for Christ.”

The purpose of the Grace Gospel Fellowship is to promote fellowship among those who believe the truths contained in its doctrinal statement and to proclaim the gospel of the grace of God in this country and throughout the world.

Recognizing that the one true Bible church of this age is composed of all who possess genuine faith in Christ, it is neither our purpose to form a denominational hierarchy nor to carry out the function of such in governing or directing groups of believers. Our purpose is to promote and propagate the message of the grace of God as revealed to and through the Apostle Paul.

The effort can best be accomplished as we work together and not merely as individuals. Together, we can coordinate our efforts, unite our activities and pool our resources, thus enlarging our vision of service and demonstrating the truth of the one body of believers.

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5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. danny k. doss sr says:

    Enjoyed the articles in your magazine. I am sort of out in a lone zone as to fellowship with other believers in my local area and the magazine can be of significant fellowship. I do attend a fellowship in the Prattville, Alabama area (about 100 miles north of here). They area a very friendly group and I attend as often as I can. The problem at times is that of being like a “man on an island” and to seek out others of like mind is very difficult in this area. I realize because of the particular beliefs that grace gospel believers have their are few of us at time far and few in between. Needless to say the area here is inundated with primarily Southern Baptist and the like churches. I have tried to attend and share the gospel with those churches I have attended but the leadership becomes so difficult at times I just fade away after I’ve made my stance known. I enjoy the challenge of discussing the “things that differ” but it seems a futile endeavor after a while.
    Thanks for allowing me to share this time.

    danny doss

    1. Grace Gospel Fellowship says:

      Good morning Danny,
      I understand the situation you discuss. We are in the minority. The Grace Movement is relatively new compared to the other Judeo Christian churches. Perhaps I might suggest you consider attending our GGF Leadership Conference next May (5-7, 2020) in Grand Rapids, MI. It has some pastors and ministry leaders from our grace churches around the country. We have some recordings on our website http://ggfusa.org/leadership-bible-conference-recordings/ as well as YouTube videos on that site (Grace Gospel Fellowship). On line registration will open up late winter. Thank you for your email.

  2. Dick Leppky says:

    Danny’s situation is ironically the same as it is for me and my experience trying to speak to ‘evangelicals’ – leaders and followers. I live about as far from Alabama as you can get – in British Columbia, Canada. The importance of these grace ministries cannot be overemphasized. In the love of Christ, Dick Leppky Kerygma Dispensational Discernment.
    (Colossians 2:8; 2 Timothy 2:15)

  3. Hello Sir, I Thank God for your wonderful ministry. I have gone through some conferences videos . I really Thank God for wonderful conference. Really i missed. I am praying for 2020 to attend blessed conference. Please pray for me so that i can participate and learn and grow in the Ministry in India. http://www.calvaryfaithministries.org
    I am praying for you and GGFUSA. I thank God for your wonderful and powerful ministry.
    Thank you,

  4. Y. Darlo Jones says:

    Do you have a branch in Liberia, West Africa?

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