Kathy Molenkamp

Kathy Molenkamp

Name/Profession: Kathy Molenkamp – Retired Grace Bible College Library Director, member of Grace Bible Fellowship of Jenison, MI.

Blessed to be married to Jim Molenkamp for 36 years, two grown sons with spouses, six grandchildren.

Hobbies: Enjoys travel, and spending time with grandkids.

Why I serve on the GGF NC: I serve on the GGF Council because I was asked to by my Pastor back when the regions sent a lay and pastoral rep. I was later asked to serve on the executive committee by President Ken Parker to assist with decisions and activities between regular council meetings. I serve because I strongly believe in the ministry and message of the Grace Gospel Fellowship. Scripture asks us to be Christ’s Body–his hands and feet living out his grace in the world, and to demonstrate His love and power by doing it together. We have the ability to be so much stronger and effective when we function as a body of believers, rather than individually, or even as independent churches, and I want to help promote that.

Favorite verse (of many): Ephesians 3:20-21

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